Acoustic Demo

by Forest Walldorf

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These songs all have somewhat of a jazz influence, I have been trying to utilize everything I learned about guitar and music performance, while maintaining my own style. So it's a weird blend of jazz chords (M7, m7, 6 chords, etc.) and punky/alternative riffs in between.

Definitely personal stuff mostly about family and friends. Wrote "Because" in Utah, and wrote "These Ends", in Arizona. Probably going to re-record vocals on These Ends, maybe add more parts to both but I'm not sure. Just thought I'd throw up what I have for now at least. I hope whoever listens enjoys it and I'd love some money but if not I don't care I just want people to hear my work. Thank you!


released February 20, 2014

Guitars and vocals done by Forest Walldorf
Picture taken by Christian Walldorf



all rights reserved


Forest Walldorf Mesa, Arizona

Solo acoustic musician (for now?) Grew up in Wood River Idaho, lived in Mesa for the past 5-6 years. 21 years old. I've been playing guitar since I was about 14 years old, taught by my older brother at first, taught myself for a couple years, started formal music training (Winter Drumline, Marching Band, etc.) in high school. I am currently a student at Mesa Community College, studying music. ... more

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Track Name: Because
And I've come a long way from home
to find that you weren't there at all
But where is home?
Maybe it's right there with you

I don't know where to go
It seems one step in any direction sets me back
And Jordie you were the one
the only one who would listen to my songs cuz my friends
Don't really seem to be friends at all

But maybe that's because I'm the one who's stuck
Filling my head with smoke
And my lungs are so strung out
Maybe it's time that I gave up

I do not belong here, I never did
the only reason I am here is cuz I fucked up big
and so I'll drink to all my past mistakes
and all those times that I didn't get to catch a break
And so you'll say again, that I'm the one to blame

Well maybe that's because you're the one who's stuck
filling your head with smoke
and you're lungs are so strung out
maybe it's time that we grew up

And the past will not forget what is has done to us
but we are all getting better, and I know that I've improved
And I wanna stay with you forever
Until I lie still with you
Track Name: These Ends
Sit and wait for this string
waitin watchin it all unfold
before my eyes have made it whole
I'll wait for you
Just let me let you go

We lie on our backs at night
and let our thoughts flow to the surface of our minds
It's time...
We have no time
To fix our problems we make for ourselves
In this hell

But these ends never seem to meet or make much sense
But I will always try to push and make amends
with my family and my friends

But I haven't got a clue what to fix for you
Maybe I'll break through
Maybe I'll break....